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Kalila Smith

Kalila Katherina Smith is the founder of the New Orleans Paranormal & Occult Society. She is the author of "New Orleans Ghosts, Voodoo & Vampires, " and "Tales From The French Quarter ". She has been featured on television productions as Travel Daily, Places of Mystery, Unsolved Mysteries, FEAR!, America's Most Haunted Places, In Search of..., and Supernatural Destinations. She wrote and directed "Journey Into Darkness... The Trilogy", Haunted History Tours own video documentary. She is available for lectures & workshops on any paranormal related subject. She is an international psychic/medium and can be available by appointment for private readings at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sidney Smith

Sidney Smith is our illustrious leader, director, and producer. He handles EVERYTHING behind the scenes from marketing and advertising. Before creating Haunted History Tours, he owned and operated a hugely successful entertainment company known as Merry Minstrel. Prior to starting that business, Sid was a well known rock and roll photographer throughout the 1970's, touring with major groups like The Allman Brothers, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney and many others. His work is still being published today in many national magazines as well as in books featuring the glory days of Rock & Roll. Be sure to check out his personal website: www.rockstarphotos.net ; www.sidneysmithphotos.com
For the first time ever, Sidney's exclusive collection of rare, and some never before seen photographs are on display and available for purchase.

Jyl Odom

Jyl hails from the Windy City and has called New Orleans her home since 2006 and has been with haunted history since 2010. She conducts many of our tours including cemetery, ghost, voodoo and vampire... and if you're lucky she won't bite. Jill is also our assistant manger. A genuine people person, she's out in the trenches daily, and truly enjoys the opportunity that street theater provides to meet new and exciting people that visit the city. She is also involved in many of the seasonal events that take place in the city. Some of you may know her as Red-Rum Jill from several pirate themed calenders that she has posed for. Her interests include writing and an appreciation for art, especially body art/modification and dreams of someday traveling abroad to learn about the lore of other cultures.

Eugenia Rainey

Eugenia has been dazzling New Orleans with tales of haunted history since 2004. She moved here from the windy city, where she graduated with a BA in Anthropology from the University of Chicago. In addition, she earned her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Nebraska. Currently Eugenia resides in central New Orleans with her husband and children. She and her husband recently celebrated the birth of their 4th daughter. Read her work, “Burying the Moon,” online in Volume 4 of Future Earth Magazine http://www.futureearthmagazine.com/ also her article "Life After" in volume 8 WIlde Oats http://www.wildeoats.com/MainPage Eugenia also has a blog site with ghost stories submitted by tour participants: http://americanghoststory.blogspot.com/

Trisha Baker

Trisha Baker is the author of a popular vampire series—Crimson Kiss, Crimson Night, and Crimson Shadows.  The next novel in the series, Crimson Revenant, will be released in early 2013.  A native New Yorker, Trisha lived everywhere from Sighiosara, Romania to Las Vegas, Nevada before making New Orleans her permanent home.  You can visit her web site at www.trishabaker.com.

Jonathan Weiss

Jonathan is an actor who has studied in the United States and Great Britain, and who upon seeing New Orleans for the first time at the age of seven, declared "This is magic. I will live here when I grow up." And so he did. He's been with the company more than a decade, and was fortunate enough to have lived in the city before the flood. He loves long walks on the beach, animals and rum. Preferably at the same time.


Jesse St. Croix

Jesse was born near Salem, Massachusetts where he became interested in hauntings and paranormal activities as a teenager. He came to New Orleans in 1975 for a two week vacation and fell in love with the city he has called home ever since. He and his partner enjoy buying old homes and restoring them to their former glory and have done 12 so far. They believe that the very first home they purchased was shared with at least one ghost and have been hoping to find more hauntings with each home they purchase. They also own a grandfather clock built by Jesse's great grandfather at the age of 91 and passed down thru generations. They have reason to believe that the clock carries the spirit of its builder.

Ernest Isiah Sylvester Jr.

Ernie was born in Slidell, LA. yet, spent ten years of his life between Georgia and Florida where his mother told him Louisiana ghost stories before bed (Family secret to ensure that children do not sneak out of the house). Seven years ago he returned to his parents home state after serving in the US Army. He continues the family tradition conducting Ghost, Cemetery, and Voodoo Tours.

Caleb Frank

A Tour Guide since 2001, Caleb is an experienced guide that will take you on a fantastic journey into darkness through the streets of the city that care forgot, a place where antiquity is always in league with the modern world.  But don't be fooled by his outward appearance... there is more to him that meets the eye.  Being a Vampire for longer then he cares to remember, Caleb loves to fascinate his audience with stories far beyond the realm of man.  From the perspective of the paranormal, he lets the lives of the spirits speak for themselves.  Let him take you through histories past as only he can do.  Follow him as he takes you on an awe-inspiring, surreal dance with the dead.

Annelise Lucy Quade

Annelise "Lucy" Quade grew up in Chicago, but has called New Orleans home since 2010 when she began attending Tulane University, and fell in love with this magical city. She graduated with a degree in theatrical design in 2014, and has an extensive background in all aspects of theatre, art, and telling stories.  Her affinity for the paranormal led her to Haunted History, where she is currently enjoying her time giving ghost tours and learning more each day about New Orleans and its many restless spirits.


Clint Krause

By day, Clint operates Red Moon Medicine Show, a small press publishing outfit. By night, he takes to the French Quarter as a Haunted History tour guide. With a lifelong interest in folklore and the paranormal, he followed the siren call of New Orleans from his native Missouri. Clint holds a master's degree in liberal arts with a focus on myth, religion, and history. When not occupied with writing, producing books, or telling ghost stories, he enjoys spending time with his wife Cassie and son Dade in a book-laden shotgun house near the banks of the Mississippi.

Renee Dodge

Renee Dodge is an excellent story teller and definitely an asset to our ghost tour! Renee is from New York where she continues her business making custom jewelry to a prestigious clientele. Renee conducts both Ghost and Cemetery Tours.

Len Johnson

Leonard A. Johnson C. Ht., Certified Hypnotherapist is a graduate of Infinity Hypnosis Institute, He has practiced and taught self hypnosis and guided imagery since 1976.He is President of the Southeast Louisiana Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotist, He is a charter member of Stage Hypnotist of The World. He was personally instructed in Stage Hypnosis by Jerry Valley and The Dean of American Hypnosis Ormond McGill. Len is a mesmerizing addition to our Ghost Tour guides.

Elizabeth Daniels

Elizabeth fell in love with New Orleans the first time she ever set foot on its cracked sidewalks. She never thought she'd be lucky enough to call this magical city home, but in 2010, the fates conspired to help her do just that. She came down from New York City - where she had been living for ten years - to perform in Let Freedom Swing! at the National World War II Museum (oh yeah, she's a classically trained actress, singer and dancer). The gig lasted three months, after which she planned to return home to NYC, but, as so many of these stories go in the Big Easy, the show closed and she just didn't want to leave. The rest, as they say, is history.


Wendy Bosma

Wendy Bosma, aka Wendy Darling, has been a proud New Orleanian since 1999.  Originally from a very small town in Michigan, Miss Darling thrives in the rich stories and folklore that the Big Easy has to offer. She loves sharing the horrifying tales of the ghosts and vampires (and worse) that haunt these streets of ours.  When she's not regaling tourists with tales of the macabre, she can usually be found playing guitar and singing some good ol' country music.

Christine McArdle

Christine was born and raised in one of the oldest cities in Connecticut. She spent her entire childhood living in a haunted mansion and in the oldest, darkest cemeteries. Other children were fed fairy tales, Christine was fed gruesome stories of horrendous murders and of people being buried alive. She ate them up and engossed herself in the darkest most macabre histories she could get her hands on. She has been an amateur ghost hunter since she was just eigh years old, going on ghost hunts with her older sister, her family and other ghost hunters. she sees ghosts and spirits most everywhere she is and has a way of telling stories like no other!

Mikko Macchione

Writer and perfomer Mikko Macchione has been sharing New Orleans for close to 30 years. Once a tourbus driver, Mikko has gone on to write the Napoleon House a book about our coolest bar for which he won an Independent Publisher's Award (the Ippy). He's also written many articles for magazines, the Louisiana Travel Guide, and online about the area. He is also an accomplished actor having won many awards and has appeared in many films

Natalie "Tiger" Fulton


Tiger came down from Tennessee to escape the concrete jungle of mediocrity that consumes the averages person’s life. As a jungle cat, she does not like to be indoors, and was drawn to become a tour guide. She’s been working in public speaking for the past two years, and has grand plans for the future. New Orleans has an amazing creative energy that Tiger wants to tap into for music, art, theater, writing, and learning.

Adam Schexnyder

Adam hails from the bayous of Houma, Louisiana, Cajun country.  An experienced stage actor, he has performed in variety of venues across the country, and his tours have been featured on the travel channel and reality tv. Adam has worked for Haunted History Tours since 1999 and conducts the ghost and vampire tour. He also works for the company in administration.  Adam's favorite things are cheese, music that incorporates the accordion, his borsalino, and not being Jonathan.

Jessica Arnold

Jessica's love affair with New Orleans began nearly 15 years ago when she was offered a scholarship to attend Tulane University. After two degrees for Tulane, in Art and Anthropology, it was clear that this was the city of her heart.  She lives in and manages a historic French Quarter home with her wonderful husband and the world's sweetest cat. After many exciting careers as a glassblower, sculptor, educator, business owner, auction manager, pedicab driver and actor, Jessica is thrilled to have found a home at Haunted History.  When not giving tours, you will find her knitting, making costumes, reading, or gardening. Jessica recently celebrated the birth of her first child, a little boy!