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Ghost Stories


THE LALAURIE MANSION - Learn why authorities don't bother to investigate anymore when someone in a panic reports seeing a little girl jumping from the rear balcony of this stunning stone mansion. It is now well known that the evil entity in this house, created by inhumane acts of torture by its former owners, can create frightening spectres and scenes of horror for its residents.

THE OCTOROON MISTRESS - On the coldest of nights, albeit there are precious few in sultry New Orleans, one might be treated to the ghostly sight of a beautiful, nearly naked woman upon the rooftop of this old building.  How did the beautiful Julie come to meet her icy end upon the rooftop of her very own lovely home? Find out how love can push sane people to tempt fate, and how tragically, they can lose everything.

THE SULTAN - Why have people been frightened nearly to death since the 1950's to the present day by the strange and sinister figure of a dark skinned gentleman wearing a turban who seems to stalk the communal areas and galleries of this tall imposing apartment building? Hear the chilling tale of a wealthy Sultan who was buried alive while his entourage was hacked to bits.

THE MAD BUTCHER - In the 1880's screams, howls and evil wailing would be heard emanating from this structure.  Though they supposedly stopped with the mad butcher's suicide in the late 1890's, residents complain to this day that they are awakened from their sleep by pets growling at an unseen presence.